Our Favorite Links


Here are links to some of our favorite foxtrotter sites:

 Missouri Foxtrotting Horse Breed Association (MFTHBA)  
This is the web site for the Missouri Foxtrotter Breed Registry.

The Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Webring

Foxtrotter Station     
Patricia Smith put together this site that features "foxtrotters of color."

Foxtrotters On Line

Zorro Farms

Zorro Farms is home to 4 beautiful stallions with classic old Missouri Fox Trotter bloodlines such as the great Danney Joe W., including Danney's Pride of Princess S., known as "Lobo", a gorgeous gold champagne stud that sired our bay colt Pride's Yankee Cavalier.

Dun Factor E

The Dun Factor E is standing one of the few true dun stallions in the Missouri Fox Trotter breed-- and he's beautiful, he foxtrots and he has great bloodlines to go with his color, I may be biased because he's fairly closely related to my mare Warrior's Yankee Lady, but I think he's a colt with a Future!

Foxtrot Across America Promotion Group

We're members of the Foxtrot Across America Promotion Group, a group of foxtrotter breeders and clubs that want to promote the breed nationwide. Click on this link to find a member in your area!

Heavenbound Farm    
Our former neighbor Barbara Bawden bred our mare Warrior's Yankee Lady and raises some of the best Missouri Foxtrotters in Ohio.

Pleasure Gait Farm
The Hartleys bred our mare Travelin' Tootsie and now have 2 maximum sabino stallions.

Fancy Footin Farm
Lovely and colorful foxtrotters in Ohio-- they recently produced one of the few true duns in the MFT breed.

Watson Stables     
We bought Color Master from Watson Stables. This site has pictures of Snake Mster, Color Master's sire, and Tom's Travel Master, Color Master's grand sire top and bottom. Plus lots of great information!

White Sabino Page     
This site has pictures of other white sabino horses like Color Master from several different breeds, plus great information about equine color genetics.



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