Australian Shepherd Dogs &

Missouri Foxtrotting Horses


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     Heavenbound Farm has been home to Australian Shepherd dogs since 1973 and Missouri Foxtrotter horses since 1985.  We started breeding Aussies in 1978 and they have become a large part of life.  They are wonderful companions, silly entertainers, protectors of life and property.  Never a day goes by that I am not amazed by something new this breed can understand.

     They know when sorrow is bearing us under; they join in the giddiness of rolling in a fresh snowfall; they listen for the sound of our truck engine and run to meet us at the door; they see the danger of a horse getting too close to us in the field and get in between to drive him away; they see the opossum and raccoon as thieves of our supplies and protect our goods and gardens; they snuggle in our bed (if allowed) and keep an ear out for danger while we sleep; they guide “our little sheep” away from harm by standing in the gap.  How could life be right without our Aussies?  What better friend could there be?  If you have never experienced an Aussie’s devotion, check them out—a great addition to a family and a wonderful companion if you are single.  Fun, adaptable, smart, beautiful.  They have it all!  

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Heavenbound is also home to Missouri Foxtrotter horses, the pleasure horse of today.  Smooth gaited, sensible, lovely to watch and ride.  They are good natured and medium sized horses that will return you to the barn less fatigued after a long day in the saddle.  More like a big dog than a horse.  Come try one out—”To Ride One Is To Own One.”

     Look for our next litter due in February from pretty black tri female, Molly, and our very handsome red merle male, Radar

Below this is Foxy at 1.5 years.  She will be a tall mare with lovely gaits.  Sensible lines and a curious nature.  Blue papered.