In Memorium

Foxvangen's Shere Khan

Born July 15, 1998, had to be put down on August 21, 1999, following a freak "compression shattering" of his left cannon bone while running in the pasture.

We had hoped to begin standing him at stud beginning in the year 2000. He was a beautiful, gentle and loving young horse, and he is sadly missed.


He was very brave through his ordeal, leaping 3-legged into the trailer for the trip to OSU vet school in spite of the heavy splint he was wearing. The bone was too badly shattered for surgical repair, and we had to put him down. But Khan will not be forgotten. 

We will remember him whenever a foal is born, because if things had been different it would have been his foal. 

We will remember him when the sunset turns the sky the color of his glorious coat, and when the wind blows, because he ran like the wind.


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