Our Mares

Our Mares are selected for conformation, gait, breeding and disposition.  They are handled on a daily basis, and all but one are broke to ride. They're all naturally gaited, with people-friendly, willing and sensible personalities.

Since our mares enjoy human contact, the foals are friendly from birth and are willing students.  The dams stand by patiently as we imprint and handle the foals as soon as they are born.


Warrior's Yankee Lady 

16 hand frosty bay roan

"Tate" is a granddaughter of World Grand Champion Warrior's Gentleman Gem and of Ben's Black Ace, sire of many model champions.

She has multiple crosses to Zane Grey, Mack K's Yankee, and Midnight Queen, dam of Campbell's Express and Ben's Black Ace. 

Her personality is gentle and people-loving and she likes to "help" with whatever's going on around the barn. 

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Travelin' Tootsie C.F.T.R.  

14.3 hand chestnut sabino with flaxen mane and tail


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She's an excellent, anyone-can-ride trail horse and is queen of the barn.  She has a big rear end and tremendous heart girth, and she can go all day. 

She's a granddaughter of Missouri Senator with foundation bloodlines that include Missouri Traveler, Poole's Blue Boy, Golden Governor, Royal Rawhide, Ozark Golden King and Blankenship Diamond. On her dam's side we can trace her lineage back to the great American Saddle Horse Rex Peavine and beyond--foundation bloodlines for sure! 

Wood's Sweet Vicki

14.3 hand chestnut minimal sabino with flaxen mane and tail

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She's a sweet, shy mare, with beautiful conformation and a lovely head. She's never been broke to ride, but she displays a ground covering foxtrot in the pasture.

She's a granddaughter of Rawhide's Black Ace, and her bloodlines include Red Rawhide, Walker's Merry Lad, Go Boy Rikki Takki, and Bay LadyE.  We bought her as a bred mare in December 2004, and she's expecting a foal by Panhandler's Wheeler Dealer in April 2005.



Stepnstone's Cream Puff

15 hand light palomino

To see Cream Puff's pedigree, click here.


Cream Puff is a gentle, people-loving mare with a stout build and a pretty head with large, almond-shaped eyes. She has a lovely natural foxtrot. Her sweet temperament has made her a favorite around the barn.

She's a daughter of the cremello stallion Cotton-Eyed Joe, which makes her a granddaughter of the great Golden Emperor and a great-granddaugher of Red Rawhide. She has two crosses to Golden Rawhide, and her bloodlines include Diamond King, White Foot D., Go Boy Rikki Takki and The Witch Doctor. We bought her as a bred mare in December 2004, and she produced an outstanding smoky black stud colt by Panhandler's Wheeler Dealer in April 2005.  That colt is standing at stud in Central Texas, and in November 2007 Cream gave us a gorgeous smoky black filly by Color Master.

We need to reduce our herd numbers slightly and we are considering selling Cream Puff, only because she doesn't seem to hae the agouti gene that would produce buckskins and smoky black foals are not as popular.  Contact us for more information.  Cream Puff is broke to ride.



15 hand chestnut minimal sabino with flaxen mane and tail

To see Blossom's pedigree, click here.


Blossom is a stout, bold and friendly mare with a beautiful head and excellent conformation. She's sensible and curious and has an awesome natural foxtrot. She has to check out anthing and everything going on.

Blossom is heavily Zane Grey and Golden Governor bred, and she's a ganddaughter of Perfection's Masterpiece. We bought her in December 2004 and in October 2007 she produced a beautiful black sabino filly by Color Master.

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