Dealer's Bittersweet Surrender

Blue papered

MFTHBA Reg. #05-84921


Born April 17, 2005


Deep orange-sorrel filly with lighter mane and tail,

large star and rear sock


Sweetie is by a bay stud, Panhandler's Wheeler Dealer, and out of our sorrel minimal sabino mare, Wood's Sweet Vicki. Wheeler Dealer is a son of Panhandler H (Lad's Stormy Don x Sambo's Beauty) out of a daughter of The Boogie Man, and Vicki is by Wood's Victor Ace (Rawhide's Black Ace E. x Linda's Misty), a grandson of both Red Rawhide and Walker's Merry Lad. She's out of Wood's Sweet Impression (Go Boy's Impressive Red x Chief's Stepping Tiger). These Wood's-bred mares have become sought after as broodmares, and after seeing this filly we can see why!

Sweetie has tremendous presence with a proud carriage and a beautiful head like her mother's. She loves to run and and is very quick and agile.  She has a ground-covering flat walk and foxtrot as well.  She loves people and is always in the middle of everything.  If you walk out into the pasture with a halter she will pester you to put it on her instead of someone else.

Sweetie has been in training with the Vaughts at For the Horse Ranch in Fair Play, Missouri, for 8 months and counting. She is going well under saddle and has a solid natural horsemanship foundation. More recent pictures and video on our "for sale" page.

To see her pedigree, click here.

For sale for $2500. Price will increase with training.


CM's Travelin' Texas Outlaw

Blue papered

MFTHBA Reg. #06-93350

Born June 3, 2006

Black minimal sabino gelding with a stripe and heavy sabino roaning. 



Outlaw is sired by our stallion Color Master out of our mare Travelin' Tootsie.  He has outstanding conformation, very well put together, square and well muscled.  He has a beautiful head with a teacup muzzle and a striking and unusual color that is rarely seen in the foxtrotter breed.  He is a very minimal sabino. His sire is homozygous for the Sb1 sabino gene and his dam is heterozygous for Sb1, so Outlaw has to have at least one copy of Sb1 himself.  His sire is homozygous for black and his dam is a sorrel, so he has to be black.  There are a lot of black sabinos in the foxtrotter breed, but not many that look like this colt.  His only white marking is a stripe on his face.  He has so much sabino roaning that he is a blue roan or steel grey color-- and there is no grey or true roan anywhere in his background.  It is strictly coming from the sabino gene.

His bloodlines include Tom's Travel Master, Giles' Hot Toddy, Master Tom, The Boogie Man, Missouri's Outlaw, Missouri Traveler, Missouri Senator, Royal Rawhide, and Gold Man, among others. He's a full brother to Rhythm Master and Color Me Tootsie.

He has a friendly and loving personality.  Outlaw had 10 months of training with the Vaughts at For the Horse Ranch in Fair Play, Missouri, and is back home in Texas now. He has a solid natural horsemanship foundation under saddle and just needs additional trail miles to make him the perfect partner. For more info on his traning plus photos and video, see our "For Sale" page. With his conformation, personality, color and gait, he is quite a package!

To see his pedigree, click here

For sale for $2500.




CM's Texas Wildflower

Gold papered

MFTHBA Reg. #06-93533

Born 10/05/2006

Flashy black sabino filly with a wide blaze and rear stockings.

Wildflower is sired by Color Master out of our flaxen sorrel mare Blossom. Blossom has heavy Zane Grey and Golden Governor breeding with a little Toddy's Perfection and Boogie Man thrown in for good measure.  Wildflower is the first offspring from this cross, and we will definitely be repeating this breeding!  This filly has beautiful conformation with the solid hidquarters I like to see, and she can really move, too.  She gaits, she turns, she backs and spins-- she just loves to do it all.

She has a calm and friendly personality and loves petting, kids, cats and even the farrier.  Wildflower is incredibly easy to catch and ot work with.  She comes running when she sees the halter.  She leads, ties, stands solidly for the farrier and is pretty bombproof in her attitude.

Her bloodlines include Tom's Travel Master, Giles' Hot Toddy, Master Tom, The Boogie Man, Missouri's Outlaw, Missouri Traveler, Perfection's Masterpiece, Toddy's Perfection, Zane Grey, and Lad's Super Star, among others.  To see her full pedigree, click here.


SOLD and living in horse paradise in Montana!

Pride's Sweet Texas Sunshine

Gold papered

MFTHBA Reg. #07-93349

Born January 7, 2007

Flaxen sorrel with oblong star with attached narrow stripe.

Double registered in the MFT Pony Registry.

Sunshine is sired by Pride's Yankee Cavalier (see below) out of our mare Wood's Sweet Vicki.  Her bloodlines  on her sire's side include Danney Joe W., Warrior's Gentleman Gem, Ben's Black Ace and a lot of Zane Grey and Yankee breeding.  Her dam is by Wood's Victor Ace (Rawhide's Black Ace E. x Linda's Misty), a grandson of both Red Rawhide and Walker's Merry Lad. She's out of Wood's Sweet Impression (Go Boy's Impressive Red x Chief's Stepping Tiger).

Sunshine has been in training with the Vaughts at For the Horse Ranch for 8 months and has developed into a terrific versatility and ranch horse prospect for a youth or adult rider. She is going well in all three gaits and has tremedous quickness and athleticism. She backs, side passes and handles obstacles with ease. She was shown in two classes, MFT Pony Western Horsemanship and MFT Pony Trail, at the Missouri Fox Trotting Super Horse Competition and won both classes even though it was her first show ever. She has been introduced to cow work as well. She's a friendly, pretty, athletic little horse. More recent pictures and video on our "For Sale" page.

For sale for $5500.

A Little Texas Color (Lily)

Gold papered

MFTHBA Reg. #07-93534

Born November 5, 2007

Smoky black sabino filly with rear stockings, extensive sabino roaning, and no other markings.


Lily is sired by our stallion Color Master out of our palomino mare Stepnstone's Cream Puff.  Color Master's bloodlines include Tom's Travel Master, Giles' Hot Toddy, Master Tom, The Boogie Man, Missouri's Outlaw, and Missouri Traveler.  Cream Puff is by the well-known cremello stud Cotton Eyed Joe (Golden Emperor x Golden Mae) out of Stepping Dixie (Boomerang's Allen x Doc's Dark Lady).

Lily has been DNA tested for color and is a smoky black minimal sabino, which means that she is a black horse that also carries the cream gene.  If she is bred she will be able to produce palominos and smoky blacks and she can produce buckskins if bred to a stud that carries the agouti gene.  Because Lily's smoky black color is lightened by heavy sabino roaning she's a very unusual tawny color.  Her markings are also unusual, including a white splash on the back of one knee, an off-center whie spot on her forehead, and a large white area under hr jaw.

Lily has stout, correct conformation and a beautiful head.  She foxtrots in the pasture and she is quick, agile and confident.  She is a very friendly, people-oriented filly but is also independent and curious.  Lily leads, ties and stands for the farrier.  Her ground training will continue until she is sold.  She will make someone a very striking riding mare or broodmare!

SOLD to a great home in Kansas City .

Pride's Yankee Cavalier

Our mare Warrior's Yankee Lady gave birth on May 14, 2004, to a lovely bay colt sired by Danny's Pride of Princess S., a gold champage stallion owned by Linda Vishino of Zorro Farms.  Cavalier was sold as a two-year old after siring one foal for us.  Now a gelding with a wonderful home in California, he is being trained for Competetive Trail Riding.  He has a beautiful head and excellent, well muscled conformation and a natural, ground-covering foxtrot.  He also has a suberb, very gentle and excepionally calm temperament.

His bloodlines include Danney Joe W., Mack K's Yankee, Warrior's Gentleman Gem, Campbell's Express, Ben's Black Ace, and many other outstanding MFTs.
Cavalier is not for sale at this time. We are evaluating him as a possible second stallion.


Rhythm Master


Rhythm Master, born July 25, 2003, is a flashy stud.  His sire is Color Master and his dam is Travelin' Tootsie. He's a black sabino with a wide blaze and rear stockings. He also has sabino roaning, especially on his flanks.

He has foxtrotted since birth and is a friendly and athletic stallion, showing special talent as a jumper.   He started jumping things for fun as a baby, and jumps obstacles in the field just for fun.  Fortunately, he respects electric fencing.  Rhythm has matured into a very well built, stout horse with excellent bone. He has a beautiful head with large, expressive eyes.  He is now at stud in New Hampshire where he is producing some very nice foals.

Color Me Tootsie



Color Master's first foal, a black sabino filly, was born May 11, 2001.  We named her Color Me Tootsie, or MeMe for short.  

She's smart, playful and bold. She is a combination of the best traits of each of her parents-- just what we hope for when we breed.  She has great conformation, is very athletic and boy can she move!

 MeMe is the calmest, friendliest foal I've ever met. Imprinting her was a breeze since nothing seems to bother her. She's very well put together and started to foxtrot as soon as she could manage her long legs. She is black with a large star and snip, mixed mane and tail, and roaning caused by the sabino gene.  


MeMe now lives in Hawaii near Volcano National Park.





cm foal pete
Pete, born in May 2003, was sired by our stallion Color Master out of a sorrel sabino mare owned by a woman in Chillicothe, Ohio. The photo at left shows him at 3 days old. At that time, he had color along his top line and a few other places, but when he shed his foal coat he turned out to be mostly white, with a few colored spots and some roan patches. The photo at right shows him at 4 months old. He is a near-maximum sabino. These photos are not the best, but they do show the change in his markings.

cmfoal pete 4 mos

Renegade Lady Warrior 

An unusual blue-papered bay roan sabino filly with one blue eye. Her dam is Warrior's Yankee Lady and her sire is Top Spot C., who has Toddy's Perfection, Missouri Traveler, Red Rawhide and Poole's Blue Boy bloodlines. 

Lady is bold, friendly and curious, coming up to the barn to greet all visitors.

She will be tall, like both her sire and dam, and boy can she foxtrot! She has great reach, rhythm and headshake. She's a delight to watch and to work with. She now lives in West Virginia, and her new owners have nicknamed her Xena the Warrior Princess.

Warrior's Rockin' Tootsie Roll

Blue-papered dark blood bay colt. His dam is Travelin' Tootsie. His sire is Greystone Warrior S., making him a half-brother to our mare Warrior's Yankee Lady. Rocky is a grandson of World Grand Champion Warrior's Gentleman Gem. 


He also has Missouri Traveler, Red Rawhide, Golden Governor and many other foundation bloodlines. He has beautiful conformation and carriage and a natural foxtrot. If you would like to see pictures of Rocky's sire and some of his half-siblings, click here to go to the Heavenbound Farm website

Rocky is now owned by a man in Wilmington, Ohio.


Karen Affeld & Michael McKniff

Mikarma Farm
492 John Craft Road
Red Rock, Texas 78662