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Color Master is an unusual homozygous black, maximum sabino stallion with great bloodlines, natural gaits, and a gentle, intelligent temperament with spirit and flash. 

He's a grandson top and bottom of Tom's Travel Master, a World Grand Champion at model and a Reserve Grand Champion in performance.

Color Master is a “maximum” sabino, the product of breeding two sabinos together.  We participated in a study at the University of Kentucky to help identify the Sb1 gene that is one of the genes that causes the sabino pattern.  Color Master has been DNA tested as homozygous for the Sb1 gene, so all of his offspring will get at least one copy of the Sb1 gene and will be at least minimal sabinos.  For more information about the sabino pattern, check out our "horse color" page. To see some of his foals, go to our "Foals" page. To see his pedigree, click here.


His sire, Snake Master, is a black sabino, and his dam, Travel Master's Lindsey, is a bay sabino. He’s all white except for some black spots on his skin and a few black hairs. 

We had him DNA tested to find out what base color he is under all that white. It turns out that he is a homozygous black. That means that he can't produce a chestnut, sorrel or palomino foal. 

cm head





His bloodlines include Missouri Traveler, Master Tom, the Boogie Man, Missouri's Outlaw, and Giles Hot Toddy. He's a well built young stud with strong natural gaits, and he will pass sabino traits on to most of his babies. 



Color Master  represented the Missouri Foxtrotter breed at Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio, in 2000, 2001 and 2002.  He did a great job and really seemed to enjoy meeting new people.

We modeled him during the breed demo in 2001, and he was quite a ham. After the demo, every time we had to pass the Coliseum where it was held, he tried to go in the door.



Color Master has a beautiful natural foxtrot even at liberty in his pasture.  His temperament is one of the best things about him. He's gentle, easy going, and trustworthy, even with people who have never been around horses. He's sensible and not at all spooky. He'll stand loose in the pasture while I comb the tangles out of his long mane, forelock and tail.

The photo below shows him with my 8 year old niece and her mother who had never been around horses. His gentle temperament makes him a wonderful ambassador for the breed.  He is truly an exceptional stallion.


Breed to Color Master and you can have it all: great bloodlines, natural gaits, good temperament and color, too!


Breeding Fee: $400

$5 per day mare care

Negative Coggins and Clean Culture Required

Karen Affeld & Michael McKniff

Mikarma Farm
492 John Craft Road
Red Rock, Texas 78662