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Karen Affeld & Michael McKniff
Mikarma Farm

492 John Craft Rd
Red Rock, Texas 78662

We are not planning any new litters in the near future. Feel free to contact us for information about the breed or to get on our waiting list for the future.

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The Kangal Dog is an ancient livestock guardian breed from Turkey.  The breed is named for the Kangal District of Sivas Province in Central Turkey where it probably originated and where it remains celebrated today.  We first discovered the Kangal Dog in 2001 and the more we learned, the more certain we were that we wanted this breed as a part of our life and our farm.  In November 2001 we became the proud owners of Ch. Ashkabad's Kibar, a lovely young female bred in Florida from Turkish bloodlines.  Soon after, we added a male and we were hooked for life.

The Kangal Dog is a large, independent and above all intelligent breed.  They are intensely loyal to their owners, their flock and their farm, but quick obedience is not in their nature.  Their indpendence and intelligence mean they often want ot think things through and reach their own decision rather than reacting immediately to a command.  They are generally gentle with livestock, children and people but can be aggressive toward strange dogs, seeing them as potential predators or aggressors.  They are a magnificent breed but their size, intelligence and working traits mean they are not a good fit for every household.

We are not large-scale breeders.  We are Kangal Dog lovers who have an occasional litter and our pups are placed in working and companion homes only after careful screening.  For more information, check out the pages on our dogs and our litters.

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