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Karen Affeld & Michael McKniff

Mikarma Farm
492 John Craft Road
Red Rock, Texas 78662
Our Dogs

Ch. Ashkabad's Kibar

kibar best female

kibar in UKC Premier Champions class



Ch. Ashkabad's Kibar

01/16/2001 - 02/23/2010

Farewell, Kibar, noble guardian of farm and family, beloved friend to barn cats, fierce foe of skunks and snakes and coyotes, reluctant show dog, digger of enormous dens, dear friend and partner in adventure. May you run forever in green fields, protect the celestial flock, and know that you live forever in our hearts.

kibar play

kibar and cat

We bought Ashkabad's Kibar from Nancy Rix Dungan in Florida in December 2001, when she was almost a year old. She had never seen snow, but she adapted quickly to the snow--and everything else that was new to her. Kibar had spent her entire life in a kennel. She got regular exercise and was happy and well socialized, but she hadn't ridden any distance in a car and had never spent any time indoors. She did amazingly well on the long trip from Florida to Ohio and she was well behaved in the motel room and in the house. She never had an "accident" indoors-- she seemed to house train herself. She did quite a bit of destructive chewing, but no more than other dogs of her size. We were sold on the breed!

Kibar has a fairly typical Kangal Dog temperament. She can be somewhat reserved around strangers but is strongly bonded to her family. She's extremely intelligent and has taught herself to open gates and even the doors to the house. Fortunately, she has no real desire to leave home, so that skill hasn't created too many problems. She gets along well with our cats and our male dogs, but she doesn't do well with other females. She is well behaved at dog shows and at the veterinarian. She likes to travel with us.

Most Kangal Dogs are not natural show dogs, and that's certainly true of Kibar. She doesn't see much point in running around a show ring. Nonetheless, she finished her championship in two shows-- the UKC Premier in 2002 and the Kangal Dog Club of America Natioanl Specialty Show in 2002. In 2003 she took Reserve Champion of Champions two out of three days at the UKC Premier. In 2004 she was Reserve Champion of Champions at the Kangal Dog Club of America National Specialty Show the only show she attended that year, and in 2005 she was also Reserve Champion of Champions at the National Specialty Show less than 4 months after giving birth to her first litter of puppies. It was the only show she attended that year as well and the competition was quite stiff.

We lost Kibar unexpectedly in February 2010, much too soon.  We are grateful for the years we had for her and she will be with us always in memory and through her offspring.

Ch. Mikarma's Teminni

temi ribbon pose




We got our male Kangal Dog, Mikarma's Teminni, in April 2002. He was taken from his birthplace in Turkey to Germany by a Turkish guest worker, and when Germany passed legislation severly restricting ownership of many large breeds, Teminni was sent to me here in the US by Elisabeth von Buchwald who has rescued many Kangal Dogs in Germany. We were delighted to get an import male because new bloodlines are very much needed.

Like Kibar, Temi had never been in a house, and he also adapted very well to his new circumstances. He peed in the house once, was scolded for it, and that was the end of his housebreaking. He is a very outgoing dog and really loves people. He quickly made friends with our horses and he gets along well with our cats and our female dogs. He does not do well with other males. He and Kibar seemed to immediately recognize each other as the same breed. When we first introduced them they play bowed, licked each others' faces, and they've been friends ever since.

Temi won Reserve Best Male at the 2002 KDCA National Specialty, Best of Breed at the Carnation City Kennel Club show in September 2002, Best Male at the 2003 UKC Premier and at the 2003 KDCA National Specialty Show. He has completed his championship. He wasn't shown again until the 2005 KDCA National Specialty Show, where he was awarded the Champion of Champions ribbon, beating his mate Kibar and some very good competition. Temi was not on his best behavior at that show, acting quite protective of Kibar and his puppies who were in attendance, so it was a surprise and an honor for him to win that class. He has matured into a very impressive male, prone to aggressive posturing toward other dogs but very good with people.

And Temi loves to play with puppies! He is incredibly patient with them.
We hope to breed Temi at least once more, possibly to our new young female Boncuk.  Stay tuned!

temi and meme

  Temi Best Male KDCA Specialty

Mikarma's Nesheli

Mikarma's Nesheli (Neshe) is a female from our July 2005 litter.  Kibar is her dam and Temi is her sire.  Because of her correct conformation, excellent hips and wonderful temperament we kept her for our breeding program.  Neshe was bred in 2009 through artificial insemination to Odaci's Python, a gorgeous male from Germany owned by Elisabeth von Buchwald. That litter, using frozen semen, produced only one pup, Mikarma's Kavron, a beautiful male living with hs new owners in British Columbia. We hope to breed her again in the future.

"Nesheli" means "joyful" in Turkish, and that one word sums up Neshe's personality.  She finds joy in the simplest things.  She loves people, cats, and horses-- but she hates coyotes with a passion.  She loves to run and play and is very athletic.  She leaps to the top of the calf hutch that we use as her dog house and uses that perch to survey the surrounding pastures.  She is primarily an outdoor dog, serving as a farm guardian, but she enjoys some time in the house and is very well-behaved there.  She has darker coloration than many of our other pups, probably coming down from her grand-sire Kocher's Jan. 


Odaci's Boncuk


Like Temi, Boncuk came to us as a rescue from Germany.  She arrived here in January 2009. She comes from excellent bloodlines -- her sire was a littermate of Odaci's Python, who sired Neshe's singelton litter -- but went into rescue when her owner got married and sold his farm.  We got her when she was about 8 months old and she has been a wonderful addition to our family. Boncuk has a very solid build and weighed 110 pounds at 20 months old.  She has excellent conformation and a pretty head.

We will have her hips checked and if they are good, we will breed her to Temi when she is old enough.  Boncuk has a happy, loving temperament.  She has the independent Kangal mind but tries hard to please as well.  She has double dew claws on her rear legs, a desirable trait in the breed.