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All of our Kangal Dogs are Registered Kangals with the United Kennel Club.    


In 1997 we made the decision to keep Turkish livestock guardian dogs in with our goats & horses.  The reason was due to problems in our area with coyotes and stray dog packs.  Coyotes and dog packs were attacking and killing local livestock as well as farm dogs.  These predators were becoming bolder and bolder.  They day I turned around and saw a huge coyote not 10 feet from me when I was at the kidding pen was the day I seriously began my search for a Guardian Dog.

After extensively researching the attributes of various breeds of Livestock Guardian Dogs, we decided that Turkish Kangal Shepherd Guardian dogs were the dogs for us.  We have not been sorry.  These dogs do an excellent job of keeping predators away from livestock and family alike.  

ALL of our Kangal dogs are WORKING dogs and are from strong working lines.  They do what they were bred to do each day of their lives.  They guard 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  They never leave the farm except for rare occasions. 

We are striving to have Kangal dogs that have great temperament, excellent working ability, and wonderful conformation.

We personally feel that working ability, temperament, and conformation are essential for a exceptional working dog.  These three things working in concert produce unbeatable working dogs.  

Please feel free to meet our wonderful Kangal dogs by clicking the buttons on the left We are proud of these dogs and would NEVER be without them.  We sleep well at night knowing they are on the job.




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