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black   bay   palomino   buckskin   sorrel   running horses   toby walker   sorrel toby   smaller walker   & the winner is   spotwalk   saddlebred   toby saddler   bay saddler   buckskin saddler   palomino saddler   sorrel saddler   overo saddler   gaited bay   gaited tobiano   palomino   spotted bay   black & white tobiano   sorrel or chestnut foxtrotter   black foxtrotter   walker   gaited appy walkaloosa   gaited appaloosa walking horse   walker   bay walker   buckskin walker   palomino walker   overo walker   toby walker   gaited appaloosa walkaloosa   mounted foxtrotter   another mounted foxtrotter   beige sidesaddle   blue sidesaddle   green sidesaddle   purple sidesaddle   red sidesaddle     spotted fox   another spotted fox   black fox   sorrel overo fox   buckskin fox   brown fox   sorrel spot   black socks   palomino fox   blue roan   bay fox   sorrel fox   gray fox   overo fox   sorrel socks   bay fox     Gypsy Vanner   champ   foal mail   walker crossing   foxtrotter crossing   paint crossing   mule crossing   champion birthplace   walk jog trot   safety first   no fingers   spotted foxtrotter & barn   black foxtrotter & barn   spring foal   welcome, come in at the foxtrot, please   welcome,come in at the foxtrot  

foxtrotter divider bar     another foxtrotter divider bar
red & white foxtrot line
black foxtrot line
multi foxtrot line
foxtrot line
another foxtrot line
and another line
gaited line
walking line
foxtrotter barn line
gaited barn line
another gaited barn line
back sign  small whoa  large whoa   feather   rose   farm

Fall leaves line

Fall pumpkin harvest bar/line

feather GIF file   another feather JPG file

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