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Most of these backgrounds were made by us and some we have collected from all over the Internet which we would like to share with you. To the best of our knowledge the images are public domain... If any of these Background's are subject to rights or claims by others please let us know and we will remove the questionable items at once.

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blue stars   horse trot background   adobe   white satin   dark blue satin   purple satin   purple satin horse   tan satin foxtrot horse   blue satin horse   green satin horse   purple satin foal   tan satin foal   pastels.gif   navajo   foxtrotter tan background   foxtrotter blue background   wood sky   blueback   leather   wood   wood   bluesilk   wood   more wood   cloudy night   Eagle background

gray foxtrotter

western saddle paper
US Flag background
USA flag border background
blue satin foxtrotter border background
Cartoon horse head border background
Foxtrotter blue border background
USA Stars & Stripes
USA Stars
USA Stars & red border
wood wood sand dressage harness racing
cloudy blue sky border background
green pastures         USA flag background

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